ARI - Allison Reconstruction & Investigations

      Specializing in Collision Reconstruction and Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations


Mr. Allison was the team leader for a California Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation team (MAIT) for over 20 years.  He continues to mentor and consult with an active MAIT team.  He has reconstructed thousands of collisions and testified hundreds of times as an expert witness at criminal and civil trials.  The following is a general list and brief description of the services he can provide.

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Forensic Mapping


Using Nikon survey equipment and accompanying reconstruction software, Mr. Allison can "map" large scenes quickly and efficiently.


Occupant Motion


Occupant motion within a vehicle is important when analyzing injury patterns and determining who was driving when the collision occurred.


"Black Box"


State of the art equipment is used to download information contained in the cars airbag control module.  This information may include pre-crash and post-crash speeds, brake application and occupant restraint.


Visibility Studies


Visibility issues related to reconstruction include lighting, foliage, structures and other objects at intersections. Collision scenes must be evaluated for visibility.





Speed Calculations


A forensic approached is used on all cases.  Momentum, energy and other methods are used to prove or dispel claims regarding vehicle speed.


Lamp Analysis


The terms "hot shock" and "cold shock" describe conditions that aid in determining if a light was illuminated at the time of the collision.


Mechanical Inspections


Inspections include brakes, steering and suspension components, tires, restraint system, airbags and vehicle damage. We are also experienced with inspecting motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.


Computer Animation


We utilize Visual Statement's Vista FX to reconstruct and animate all types of collision configurations.  This is an excellent tool for demonstrating how the collision occurred.






Mr. Allison is a board member for the California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists