ARI  Allison Reconstruction & Investigations

      Specializing in Collision Reconstruction and Workers Compensation Fraud  Investigations


              AOE/COE 7 POINT PROTOCOL


1. Review all available documentation concerning the

    employee and alleged injury.


2. All "Postings" (Labor Code 3550) are photographed, 

    documented, and oriented at the work place.


3. Interviews are conducted utilizing the unique NITV

    techniques.  A series of questions have been formulated

    for each type of interview (claimant, witness, supervisor,

    etc), so no question goes unanswered.


4. A site inspection / investigation is conducted to evaluate the location

    and possible mechanism of the alleged injury.


5. When possible, the injury mechanism is evaluated and correlated to

    an anticipated or observed injury pattern.


6. Subrogation (3rd Party Liability) is evaluated.


7. A standardized report format is used to document the results of each

    investigation.  The report presents the investigators findings up front

    with the support information following.



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